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Pet Owner Testimonials

We always enjoy these "Friends"!!

My best friend and I have been ferret lovers and owners forover 30 years, and it was through him that I was introduced to Dr. Gray and the team at Gentle Vet Animal Hospital when I moved to the area a few years ago. Since I live in Michigan, the drive down to Green Bay and Gentle Vet is two and half hours but is well worth the time because in 30 years I have never worked with a better group of knowledgeable and compassionate professionals who genuinely love and care for my fuzzys as if they were their own. Dr. Gray has been invaluable in ensuring that my babies live as long and happy lives as possible and for helping me to recognize when it's been time to say good-bye to my fuzzy friends in the past. We are all grateful to everyone at Gentle Vet for everything they do! 

Hipparchus, Hippolyta, Perseus, and adopted human dad Jim F.

Cannot express how wonderful these people are. They have been caring for our black lab, Shelby, for over 13 years . My thanks to them for their overwhelming kindness and compassion. They are a special part of our family!!

Shelby and mom Kim W.
Buddy & Jack are always so fun to have visit! Buddy & Jack; sleeping off their physicals and shots from this morning at Gentle Vet Animal Hospital and Cat Care Clinic. They love Dr. Gray, Ray, and all the staff!

Buddy & Jack with dad Mike L.

Maximus and Spartacus thank Dr. Tracey Gilbert!

Maximus and Spartacus say thanks for a good check up today Dr. Gilbert! They were happy to be home though!

Maximus & Spartacus and mom Jessica H.

Bailey and Madison thank Dr. Daniel Gray!
I just wanted to thank Dr. Gray for all the years of loving care that he has provided to my friend Sandy's dog Madison (right). Keep taking great care of her other dog Bailey.

Bailey & Madison and adopted mom Cindy F.

Sunny loves Gentle Vets!
Thanks for taking great care of Sunny when we see you! You may notice she is smiling!!! That's because she loves you all.                                                                            

Sunny & mom Jennifer D.

Bennie the Bunny gives us two ears up!
Bennie first came to Gentle Vets when he developed a major area of infection in his head.  After two surgeries, the infection was gone, but he then developed intestinal issues.  He was very ill and Dr. Gray and all of caregivers at Gentle Vets worked hard to help him get better.  They would call to check up on Bennie and I would call to ask questions and they would always be so willing to help me. Bennie has had many bouts with his intestines since and Dr. Gray continues to find the best medications for him. Everyone at Gentle Vets is so caring and compassionate.   They love your pet as much as you do!  Bennie and I can't thank everyone there enough! 

Bennie & mom Sue Z.                               

Buddy is so grateful to Dr. Daniel Gray!
Buddy had to have surgery about two years ago. He decided to eat the linoleum flooring, wall paper, and string from the remodel of our home and it all got tangled in his belly. Dr. Gray had to open Buddy up and get all the junk out by hand. Thanks to Dr. Gray, Buddy is back to normal and staying far away from any remodeling project we have going on. Here he is just three months after the surgery as happy as can be. Thank you Dr. Gray for saving my baby boy! 

Buddy & dad Thad W.

Skyy loves Dr. Tracey Gilbert
This is Skyy rockin' her punk rock surgical shave. She would like to send a BIG thank you to Dr. Gilbert for doing such an excellent job on her ACL surgery. And her staff has been great too. Skyy is ahead on her rehab schedule and I think the cold laser treatments really helped. Thank you to everyone at Gentle Vet for such great care.

Skyy & mom Sue R.

Flory is so thankful!
This is what I look like when my face isn't all swollen. Thank you Dr. Gray and staff for fixing me up!

Flory & mom Nicole S.