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Dr. Daniel Gray



Dr. Gray was born and raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa and he currently lives in Luxemburg Wisconsin with his wife, Martha, his 2 sons Micah and Asa, and their Golden Retriever, Queenie.

Dr. Gray decided to become a veterinarian because of his love of science, problem solving, and serving people.  He specifically settled on veterinary medicine after he was allowed to watch his pet iguana get spayed while he was in high school.  He thought “It was the coolest thing he’d ever seen" and wanted to be a vet ever since. He later went on to attend Iowa State University College of Agriculture for 3 years while studying animal science and pre-veterinary medicine. He was accepted to the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000 and graduated with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. While in school he received the 2004 AAHA Award for Proficiency in Medicine and Surgery (Primary Care).

He began practicing at PetMed Animal Health Center in Dubuque, IA and later chose to join Gentle Vet in 2006 after interviewing at 9 other practices.  Gentle Vet appealed to Dr. Gray because of it being in the smaller community of Green Bay and in an area close to outdoor recreation. He also chose Gentle Vet because of the quality of the medicine being practiced in dogs and cats and especially exotic animals and the opportunity it provided to work with Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and the NEW Zoo.

In addition to what you normally think veterinarians do, Dr. Gray has special interests in exotic medicine, disaster medicine and practice management.

He enjoyed participating in disaster medicine as a member of the National Veterinary Response Team 5 (NVRT5) and AVMA’s Veterinary Medical Assistance Team (VMAT) from 2006-2013.  He served 2 deployments as a member of these teams.  In 2010 he was deployed to Louisiana during the BP oil spill to help hospitalized Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles.  He was again deployed in 2012 to Queens, New York for Hurricane Sandy. Alongside the ASPCA, he helped care for pets whose humans lost their homes in the storm.  He is currently a member of the Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVER).

Dr. Gray Joined the American Veterinary Medical Association in 2000 as a student and has been a member to this day.  In early 2023 he joined the Veterinary Management Group 4 (VMG-4) to learn how to be a better practice owner.

His newest special interest is learning the art of practice management.  Dr. Gray is using his passion for medicine, problem solving and serving people to run a thriving hospital that provides the high-quality care Gentle Vet is known for to as many pet families as possible.

Dr. Gray has been featured in a veterinary publication, local news article and even a podcast!

Ultrasound-guided Liver Biopsy in an Argentine Boa: Exotic DVM magazine Volume 11 issue 3 page 23

The Veterinarian Success Podcast: Lessons from Practice Ownership: Sell the Experience

Fox 11 News: Snowy Owl Released in Green Bay

We Are Green Bay: Rare Bacteria Found On Ticks & in Water in Brown County

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